We're hopeless romantics! Not interested in the day-to-day, just want to spread love

We're serial entrepreneurs that have created a lot, just none of it positive, happy, good, so, one night when one of us was 'feeling' it' from Donna Summer, we just had to create Love OTR. One day, we'll branch off to sooth those big hearts for On The Road, On The Rocks, On The Rebound, but for now, Love On The Radio is our place and we're here to share the Love.

We're starting small, but have big plans to hit most of the radio markets in the US, from the big cities to small towns, so check back often to see when you can tune in to your local radio station to hear all your friends and lovers gush about their loves!

Either way, you can always come here (link to the recording linked on the listen now page) to fill your heart with Love!

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